Comparison between automated fixtures and manual fixtures

by:Top Talent     2020-05-14
Manual fixture is easy to use and affordable. However, comparing it with automated fixtures, it is nothing, and even the advantage of cheaper prices will be completely covered up. Automatic fixture Manual fixture is really convenient to use, but manual operation always needs to be driven by manpower. If it is just a two-piece product, it is better to say. But if it is mass production, then what to do, whether to do it for a while, or to solicit more manpower, but in this case, what are the advantages of choosing an affordable manual fixture? The clamping force of the manual fixture is affected by the size of the human force, and the automatic fixture does not have this defect. It can not only firmly fix the workpiece, but also facilitate the mass production of products, one after another , Both efficient and stable. Although automated fixtures are more expensive than manual fixtures, when we think about it in the long run, we will find that it is more appropriate to choose it. It seems that it is more appropriate to use automated fixtures! If you have any need, you can consult Top talent Automotive Fixtures & Jigs Co. Ltd.
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