Common Abnormalities in Automobile Inspection

by:Top Talent     2020-06-08
When we design automotive test fixtures, we often take some tricks to speed up the design efficiency. Often because of the use of these lazy methods, and afterwards neglected to review, resulting in some exceptions. In the design of automobile inspection tools, the product structure is the same. In order to save trouble, we often directly copy the already designed structure. The structure recognition is generally after a period of time, we have long forgotten that the previous structure is copied over. When punching parts, the holes that may be punched are not the same, which makes the two parts that are the same are different. The processed objects are different from 3D. To avoid this kind of problem, we need to use the same color for the same parts to distinguish it from other parts. When you see the parts of the same color when you refine, you will know that the two parts are the same. Make one hole and copy the other. 'Moving object' is a command frequently used in the design of automobile inspection tools. Beginners don't know that there is a correlation between parts in UG. When using this command, it is part A to be moved, but because part B is related to part A. When moving, part B also moved with it. Our focus is on part A, and we have not noticed the change in part B. Therefore, you need to use the 'remove parameter' command to remove the correlation between products before moving the object. When designing the position detection pin to detect the position of the important hole of the product, sometimes the position of the detection pin may be moved because the coordinate is not placed at the center of the circle or the part, causing the detection pin to be out of focus with the product hole. After the inspection tool scheme is completed, you should randomly select 3 points on the product hole when checking the inspection pin, and measure whether the distance between these 3 points and the inspection pin is the same. If it is not the same, the detection pin is eccentric.
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