Car inspection fixture

by:Top Talent     2020-04-05
??What functions does car inspection have? This question is of concern to many people engaged in the automotive inspection fixture industry, so what role does the automotive inspection fixture have? Let's take a look together now. 1). Product design stage. For the development of new models, especially new models, there are relatively few reference materials. At this time, the function master model checker can help to quickly debug, especially when the initial parts and equipment conditions are unstable. Benchmark. 2), product verification phase. At this stage, the function master model check fixture can also play a very important role, especially in the first trial assembly of batch parts, many design confirmations can be carried out on the master model check fixture. 3), trial production stage. The main model mold can link digital prototypes with mass production models and various parts. In the trial production stage, the conflict between the body-in-white and the plastic parts of the interior and exterior is often unavoidable. The functional master model checker can effectively determine the root cause of the problem, thereby guiding the modification of unqualified parts and pointing out the direction for product quality improvement. 4) After the standard operating procedure, mass production phase. The main model check fixture can also be used for daily quality control and problem analysis of parts, especially when there is a quality fluctuation in the product, is there a quality fluctuation in the body, or a deviation in the interior and exterior trim parts, or the gradual change of the two, resulting in accumulation Yes, you can use the main model checker to analyze.
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