Brief Analysis of Three Clamping Methods of Top

by:Top Talent     2020-06-07
The inspection tool is a quick and simple tool used by industrial production companies to manipulate various scales of commodities to improve production power and control quality. Fixture is a kind of tooling, which is used to fix other parts by welding, machining, etc. In many cases, it is necessary when several components need to be assembled and their positioning is accurate. Top Talent car production inspection tool is a special inspection tool designed and manufactured for the convenience of quality inspection during mass production. Similarly, in the production of automobiles, there is also a need to check for errors. At this time, automobile inspection tools are required. What are the clamping methods for automobile inspection tools? 1. Clamping method of horseshoe indenter: The raw material of the chuck is aluminum, and the opening should be greater than 6.5mm. This method is generally used for the inspection tools of the masses. The three-coordinate measuring machine can measure the base position of the RPS positioning surface. In order to achieve this intention, the clamp arm should not exceed the base point of the RPS positioning surface, otherwise the three-coordinate probe will be blocked by the clamp arm and affect the measurement. In addition, if there is a positioning or inspection pin on the positioning surface, it should be noted that the collet should not interfere with the positioning or inspection pin when the clamp is opened, which affects the operability. 2. Positioning surface and clamping: In principle, each localization of the positioning surface requires a clamping, the clamping point should be located at the base of the positioning surface, and the clamping direction of the clamp should be the same as the normal direction of the positioning surface. The viewpoint of the positioning surface and the viewpoint of the supporting surface of the clamp can be ignored if it is less than 5 degrees. If it is greater than 5 degrees, the clamping direction of the clamp should be the same as the normal direction of the positioning surface. 3. Flat push clamping: including clamp and tension spring clamping methods, the general situation should try to think about the clamp clamping method. See here, I believe you have a better understanding of the clamping method of the car inspection tool. The car inspection tool can be visually inspected through the holes of different parts and the connection orientation between the parts and the parts, and then ensure that the production Quickly determine the quality status of parts. Follow this website to learn more about the manufacturing of auto inspection parts.
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