Automobile inspection tool standard

by:Top Talent     2020-06-25
??Auto inspection fixtures are the measuring tools on automotive inspection fixtures. In general, our inspection fixtures use standard clearances to detect the profile and trimming of products. Generally, the inspection fixtures are divided into two ends and two ends. During the test, the pass end can pass, but the stop end is only OK, otherwise NG. ???The standard of auto inspection fixtures, the size of the auto inspection fixtures is determined by the tolerance of the product, we generally check the profile tolerance of the product through the drawings, for example, the profile tolerance of the product is +/-0.5, the inspection of the inspection fixture The gap is 3.0, then the size of our pass and stop gauge is the pass end 2.5 and the stop end 3.5 ???The standard of automobile inspection fixtures, the production tolerance of automobile inspection fixtures is generally set to +0.02/0, and the end is set to 0/-0.02. There will be errors in processing, but we should try our best to avoid the influence of these tolerances on the detection when designing the tolerances of parts, even if we can not avoid the minimum errors to be reduced. ???General inspection standards for automobile inspection tools. The inspection standards include gap inspection and aperture inspection regulations. Although this is a two-position inspection, their production standards are the same. ??The standard for auto inspection tools is one of the design standards for inspection tools. He is the basis and basis for designing the general inspection rules for automotive inspection tools. In our daily design, we must refer to the standards to reduce errors.
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