Automobile inspection tool materials: the advantages

by:Top Talent     2020-06-20
'Yogi'-It's been a few years since the tepid survival, and those in the inspection tool circle should be no stranger. Today, our Dongguan Automobile Inspection Tool Factory has come to talk about the seventy-eights of the yogi. Literally, 'yogi' has the meaning of replacing wood. In fact, it has nothing to do with wood. It may be the people who started using this I hope that Yoyogi is as light and strong as wood, and easy to process. Dongguan Automobile Inspection Tool Factory believes that the main structure of today's mainstream automotive product inspection tools is still mainly steel and aluminum, and there are guests on behalf of puppets. It is not that the utilization value of Yoyogi is not high, but that Yoyogi has its specific existence value. The main frame and structural transmission components in the inspection tool must be mainly steel and aluminum, because the overall rigidity and stability of the inspection tool must be considered. However, some complex 3D curved surface parts have a irreplaceable advantage, and the advantages of the substitute wood are as follows: ?????A. Under the same usage volume, the raw material procurement cost is lower than steel and aluminum, and the procurement cycle is short. ?????B. The manufacturing cost is relatively low, especially in CNC machining. The manufacturing efficiency is much higher than that of steel and aluminum and the loss of tools and equipment is small. For inspection tools with short delivery time, the advantage of using substitute wood is obvious. ?????C. Manufacturing rework and design changes are more flexible, rework and repair are more convenient, and respond quickly. ???In summary, Dongguan Automobile Inspection Tool Factory believes that the advantages of Yoyogi under certain conditions are still very obvious, so it is not low value, it depends on how you use it!
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