Automobile inspection tool material of Dongguan

by:Top Talent     2020-06-20
Substitute wood materials are often used in the processing and manufacturing of automobile inspection tools. ??1. The composition of Yoyogi: ??????Yoyogi is mainly composed of resin materials ??2. Classification of Yoyogi: ????????A. The composition of raw materials can be roughly divided into three categories: unsaturated resin, epoxy resin, polyurethane resin. ??????According to Dongguan Automobile Inspection Tool Factory, China initially used unsaturated resin to produce, that is, adding glass microbead powder to the unsaturated resin, and then adding a curing agent to extract the air inside to make it solidify to produce a kind of yogi The product. With the continuous development of industry (automobiles, ships, toys, home appliances, etc.), the wood substitutes made with unsaturated resins cannot meet the needs of customers with high quality requirements (unsaturated resins are not resistant to high temperatures, easy to deform, and have strong odors, etc.) Epoxy resins are beginning to appear on the market, and epoxy resins have improved in terms of material properties relative to unsaturated resins, but the price is nearly double that of unsaturated resins. The production process of epoxy resin is similar to that of unsaturated resin. With the continuous improvement of process requirements, polyurethane resin comes out, but the production process of polyurethane is very different, the required environment is different, and the mechanical equipment is also different. It has increased a lot and the production is much more difficult. Because the properties of raw materials are different, the physical properties of tough wood, toughness, dimensional stability, temperature resistance, compressive strength, flexural strength and other physical properties of the substitute wood produced by the polyurethane material are quite good.
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