Automobile inspection technology

by:Top Talent     2020-06-07
More and more in automobile inspection tool factory today? How to choose an excellent inspection tool factory as a supplier, the quality is an important standard for customer assessment, the quality of inspection tool factory, the quality of finished products of inspection tool factory is guaranteed by the factory quality system and mature production process. ?The process of automobile inspection tool, the processing of inspection tool parts is arranged according to the type of parts. Treatment methods include quenching, oxidation, electroplating, painting, etc. After the parts are made, the quality department will test them. After passing the test, a link will be sent. If it fails, the previous link will be reworked. After the inspection tool parts are processed, the assembly begins. The assembly personnel assemble the inspection tool parts according to the inspection tool design drawing. Finally, the quality department performs the overall assembly test and issues a qualified accuracy report. ?A good car inspection tool process is an important advance for cost, quality, and delivery time for the inspection tool factory. The car inspection tool process should be arranged according to the specific project, and the corresponding process should be started after the design department completes the design plan. Often in our actual work, we often encounter cases where the process arrangement is unreasonable and the accuracy of parts is difficult to guarantee, resulting in parts scrapping and affecting the delivery of finished products.
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