Automobile inspection fixture manufacturing

by:Top Talent     2020-06-13
?The automobile industry is an important part of the modern industrial system. The automobile industry system is very large, which has driven the development of many surrounding industries. China's automobile started about half a century later than developed countries, but as China became the world's manufacturing center, China's automobile industry system has developed rapidly, including the design and manufacture of automobile inspection fixtures in the last two or three decades Started to develop and grow in China. However, compared with other well-known automobile parts manufacturing, mold manufacturing, and inspection fixtures are still relatively niche industries. As a result, fewer people are engaged in the design of automotive inspection fixtures. ???The design of automotive inspection fixtures requires people who have a strong understanding of the industry, because inspection fixtures are a non-standard non-standard custom tool compared to other mechanical designs. Each set of inspection fixtures is unique, so The designer's work intensity is greater, and at the same time the designer must have a strong sense of responsibility and professional skills. In today's social rhythm, the launch of new models of cars is competing every second, so the delivery time of inspection fixtures is getting shorter and shorter, which requires that the quality of our automotive inspection fixture design must be excellent to meet.
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