Automobile inspection fixture design

by:Top Talent     2020-06-13
Automobile inspection fixture is a process equipment designed for completing a specific function in the automobile manufacturing process, which is a kind of tooling. For example, welding fixture, tensile test fixture, vibration fixture, machine tool fixture, etc. The unitary function of the vehicle inspection fixture has formed a standard assembly line operation, so that the workers are fixed in a certain area to complete specific tasks, and the workers are managed in a unified manner, ensuring safe production in the workshop. Auto inspection fixture design cylinder and other mechanical devices have replaced the complicated steps that require manual operation such as positioning clamping and mechanism turnover. This liberates manpower, reduces the heavy manual labor during product assembly, and reduces the work intensity of workers. Automobile fixture fixture design mechanical device enables safe, fast and accurate positioning of products, keeps products in the best position, and reduces the accuracy errors caused by human operations At the same time, it also effectively prevents and reduces the cost waste caused by repeated calibration after the completion of the job.
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