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by:Top Talent     2020-06-01
On a specific clamp, mechanical clamping is used to position and clamp the workpiece, and then the cutting process is performed. After the processing is completed, the mechanical clamping positioning block is released, the processed workpiece is removed and replaced with a new workpiece to clamp, and then reciprocating This is usually a time-consuming step. In order to achieve high output and high efficiency, the positioning, support, clamping of the workpiece and the quick release and clamping of the jig, as well as easy operation and safety are very important links. For the processing of a large workpiece, and the short interval between processes, the selection of semi-automatic or fully automated hydraulic fixtures is very economical. Hydraulic positioning and clamping is a very reliable and effective technology. Currently, China's automobile manufacturing industry is developing rapidly. The previous automobile manufacturing industry generally used rigid special machine tools to process engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, connecting rods, crankshafts, camshafts and other key components, resulting in a longer period of automobile engine modification. With the increasing demand for changes and improvements in auto parts, processing equipment and processes are also becoming more flexible. The flexibility concept and demand of processing equipment is mainly reflected in the demand for the rapidity and adaptability of the equipment, so manufacturers have to seek a better combination between flexibility and output. Of course, under the conditions of flexibility, there are different solutions, such as: modularity, transformability, reconfiguration, online compatibility, etc. No matter which solution is used, the use of high-performance hydraulic fixtures is particularly important. Now, the combination of flexible special machines, reconfigurable machine tools and special machining centers has made the processing of engine parts more and more flexible. Depends on the production quota of each processing project.
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