Auto inspection industry standards need to be improved

by:Top Talent     2020-06-19
???In recent years, the development of the automotive inspection industry has been getting better year by year. A variety of small and medium-sized inspection factories have emerged from each family. It seems that this market still has great potential, and it is not completely counted. 2018~ During 2019, more than a dozen inspection tool factories opened in Dongguan one after another. It seems that they are optimistic about the market prospects of the automotive inspection tool industry. The market prospects are so good. Why are there companies that have been mismanaged and closed down? Then it must be that the enterprise has fallen down without competition in this big market. In this fiercely competitive environment, all business owners can show their magical powers, and the inspection tools seen in the industry can be described as various. In order to survive, the company tried every means to reduce costs and improve efficiency. In such a situation, the editor felt that it was time for a high-energy person to gather relevant personnel from the industry to discuss the major cause of inspection tools to establish some corresponding Industry standards for automotive inspection tools, because from the user's point of view, users need a good product, whether it is from function or structure or accuracy, there needs to be a unified standard. A benign competition, on the other hand, may also reduce the user's cost of use. ???I have seen the growth of auto inspection tools in the automotive inspection tool industry. I also witnessed the growth process of automotive inspection tools. If the automotive inspection tool industry wants to form its own automotive inspection tool industry standard, personally think that it can be prepared from several points. One: clear the user group, who is the user of the car inspection tool, Two: user needs, such as from the perspective of safety, what are the rigid requirements for car inspection tools? Three: the function of the inspection tool, what functions must the inspection tool have Four: the structure of the inspection tool Five: accuracy of inspection tool Six: unified standard parts Seven: unified packaging methods Eight: Delivery or transaction payment method optimization Assuming that the inspection tool industry can form these contents into a certain objective standard, whether it is from users or manufacturers, there is positive help. I believe that this industry must have its own-automotive inspection tool industry standards.
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