Application and status of domestic group technology

by:Top Talent     2020-07-13
1. Application of group technology

The currently developed group technology is the perspective of applying systems engineering. It regards the design, manufacturing and management of small and medium batch production as a whole production system, uniformly coordinates all aspects of production activities, and comprehensively implements group technology to improve comprehensiveness. Economic benefits.

2. Product design

Because the group technology is used to guide the design and give all kinds of parts a larger similarity, this lays a good foundation for the implementation of group technology in manufacturing management and makes it achieve better results. Design rationalization and standardization guided by group technology will lay a good foundation for the realization of computer-aided design (CAD); maximize the reuse of design information, accelerate the design speed, and save time. According to statistics, when designing a new product, there are often more than 3/4 parts design that can refer to or directly quote the original product drawings, thereby reducing the newly designed parts, which not only eliminates the repetitive labor of designers, It can also reduce process preparation and manufacturing costs.

3. Manufacturing process

Group technology was first widely used in the manufacturing process. It was originally used for group processes, that is, to group parts with similar processing methods, installation methods and machine tool adjustments into part groups, and design group process suitable for the processing of the whole group of parts. The group process allows the same equipment and process equipment, and the same or similar machine tools to adjust and process the entire group of parts. In this way, as long as the production scheduling plan can be arranged according to the part group, the machine adjustment time required for the replacement of parts can be greatly reduced. In addition, due to the installation method of the parts in the parts group

Similar to the size, it is possible to design a common fixture applied to a group of processes. As long as a small amount of adjustment or replacement of some parts, the common fixture can be applied to the process of the entire set of parts.

4. Production organization management

Group processing requires that parts be classified according to process similarity to form a processing family, and processing the same processing family has its corresponding set of machine tools. Therefore, it is natural that the group production system requires the organization of production according to the modular principle, that is, the production organization form of the group production unit. Group technology is one of the technical foundations of computer-aided management system. This is because the basic principles of grouping technology are used to classify a large amount of information into groups, and to standardize and standardize it. This will help to establish a reasonable structure of the public database of the production system, which can greatly compress the storage of information; because it is no longer Designing a program for an engineering problem and task respectively can optimize the program design.

5. Development status of group technology

Group technology has been developed and applied for nearly 50 years from the 1950s to the present. As a comprehensive production technology science, group technology is the technical foundation of computer-aided design, computer-aided process design, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and flexible manufacturing system. As early as the early 1960s, my country promoted the application of group technology in textile machinery, airplanes, machine tools, and engineering machinery manufacturing industries, and achieved initial results. Therefore, group technology has been valued by relevant national ministries, bureaus, factories, enterprises, research institutes and universities. At present, it is actively carrying out scientific research, personnel training and promotion and application in this area. The National Machinery Parts Classification and Coding System JLBMI, which was organized and developed by the Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery, will play an active role in promoting the application of group technology in my country. Many colleges and universities in our country combine teaching and scientific research in the basic theory and application of group technology, such as part classification coding system, part classification group method and computer-aided coding, classification, process design, part design, production management A lot of research work has been carried out on the software system of the company, and many achievements have been made. It is believed that with the continuous application promotion and scientific research, group technology will increasingly play an important role in improving the manufacturing technology and production management level of my country's machinery industry.
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