Analysis of the inevitability of the rapid development

by:Top Talent     2020-06-29
The rapid development of modern industry has promoted the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the production line of automobile production. Today, on the assembly line of a complete vehicle, an average vehicle can be installed in an average of 8 minutes. There are thousands of parts in a car, and there are more than 300 sheet metal parts and more than 100 plastic parts in the body part. How to ensure that each part is completely up to the standard at the beginning of the assembly line, which requires car inspection With. In order to achieve increased production standardization and automation, many companies have decided to introduce automotive inspection tools. 'The introduction of automotive inspection tools can help achieve mass-produced standardized parts, thereby greatly reducing the cost of automotive development.' In China, the inspection tool industry faces a situation of long-term monopoly by foreign countries. And the domestic specific market share of this industry is estimated to be hundreds of billions. Taking the automobile industry as an example, there are more than 100 domestic auto OEMs, and each brand develops 3 new models each year on average, and each model invests at least 50 million in inspection tools, which is calculated as 15 billion. The market demand is huge. At the same time, with the development of the automotive industry, this market capacity will continue to increase. In recent years, the rapid development of the automotive inspection tool market is becoming an emerging industry in the automotive industry. Because inspection tools are widely used in machinery manufacturing, including automotive, aircraft, and electronic products, inspection tools are needed. Inspection is beneficial to the mass production of standardized parts, which plays an important role in product quality standardization control in machinery manufacturing. It is the future of machinery manufacturing. Important foundation. Due to the late start of the automotive inspection industry in my country, a large number of technologies have been mastered abroad, and my country has been technically blocked. Therefore, there are not many enterprises engaged in the inspection industry in China, and the market share of domestic enterprises is still very small. 'Under the general environment in which China's inspection tool industry lags behind European and American companies, we have used more cost-effective products to'rob' orders from large foreign companies such as Airbus, Shanghai GM, FAW-Volkswagen, etc., and Started cooperation with domestic automobile brands such as JAC, Chery, Geely, etc.' At present, including local companies are striving to become the inspection tool supplier of China's large aircraft projects, breaking the monopoly of foreign companies, and also changing the opening of domestic large aircraft projects to private enterprises Not high status quo. At present, there are no industry standards and industry associations in the domestic auto inspection industry, and there is a shortage of talents. 'It is imperative to participate in the formulation of industry standards as soon as possible. Establish an industry association as soon as possible to strive to train auto inspection talents, promote industry development, and participate in international competition. .
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