Advantages and disadvantages of hole series fixture

by:Top Talent     2020-03-26
Because the hole series combined fixture is positioned by pins and holes, it has the advantages of high accuracy, good rigidity, and good reliability, and is suitable for parts that require high machining accuracy. Because the assembly of the hole series combination fixture mainly depends on the computer to calculate the assembly size, its disadvantages are the high technical level of the assembly fixture assembly staff and the calculation ability of the combination fixture designer. . The connecting base surface of the slot system combined fixture is a T-shaped slot, and the components are positioned and fastened by keys and bolts. The connection base surface of the hole system combination fixture is a coordinate hole system composed of cylindrical holes. The T-slot combination fixture series are divided into three types according to their size: small, medium and large. The main differences are the external dimensions of the components, the width of the T-slot and the diameter specifications of the bolts and screw holes.
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