2020 SIAF Guangzhou Industrial Automation Exhibition

by:Top Talent     2020-03-07
The 11th Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition (SIAF) will be reopened at the Pazhou Complex of the China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou next month. From February 26 to 28, 2020, exhibitors from all over the world will exhibit various technologies and application solutions for industrial automation. At the same time, SIAF will present content-rich and thought-provoking concurrent seminars to lead the industry in exploring new trends in industrial automation. Enrich the audience ’s exhibition experience. In addition to a series of product demonstrations and on-site demonstrations, SIAF will closely follow the six major themes of the exhibition, and once again host many wonderful seminars and lectures for audiences to participate in discussion and interaction. The six major themes of this exhibition include: industrial robots and machine vision, connection systems, electrical systems, induction technology and industrial measurement, industrial internet and intelligent storage, and logistics integration solutions. The rich contemporaneous seminar activities will provide a platform for industry experts and scholars at home and abroad to exchange market information. Participants will understand the global industry development trends and new inspirations for the collision automation industry. Overview of some key concurrent activities: ? 'Managing Methods for Integrated Manufacturing and Management' Forum Following the successful participation of the last Japan Electrical Control Equipment Industry Association (NECA) in the seminar, this year's SIAF and Japan Electrical Meter Industry Association (JEMIMA) will jointly hold a forum on 'Manufacturing and Management Integrated Management Methods'. This seminar will explore the 'Monodzukuri' philosophy rooted in traditional Japanese culture-how to incorporate the extraordinary technology, key know-how and craftsmanship of Japanese manufacturing methods into modern production processes that demand precision and efficiency. ? 'Hidden Champions' Seminar Series-Industrial Internet Connection Technology Solutions The Industrial Internet is seen as a way to improve operational efficiency. Today, companies can even use the Industrial Internet to open up unprecedented business opportunities. In response to the opportunities and potential of this technology, SIAF has deliberately created lectures and roundtable talks on industrial Internet connection technology solutions. Participants can obtain rich market information from them. The presentation will focus on the following topics: -What new challenges and opportunities does the Industrial Internet and 5G technology bring to industrial connectors and connection technologies? -In the era of rapid technological development and the emergence of new technologies, what is the development direction and potential of industrial connection technology? -What are the latest product and technology developments in the field of industrial connectivity and what solutions can be proposed to users. -Share new products and technologies directly related to the Industrial Internet. ? TSN / A Forum SIAF will cooperate with the German Weka Fachmedien and Avnu Alliance to bring the TSN / A forum to Guangzhou. The forum will focus on technical aspects, research results, and case sharing. Representatives of semiconductor manufacturers will explain the technology and applications of the TSN roadmap; control and switch manufacturers will publish their insights on their current TSN-based product development. ? Smart Industrial Solutions Seminar The award-winning seminar on intelligent industrial solutions will focus on the two themes of “Sensor 4.0” and “Industrial Robot and Machine Vision”, discuss the future development trends of the technology and application industry, and provide quality solutions and case sharing for audiences and users. The topic of 'predictive maintenance' will also be explored.
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